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Agrestic: the best of the bestic

these past few nights ive been getting really freaked out. like REALLY freaked out.

it seems like everywhere i go, my friends are telling white lady stories or hannah carannah or . other various ghost stories.

and then i usually have to drive home and pass the white lady graveyard by country pizza and it fuckign FREAKKAKSSS me out man

also my phones been fraking out. last night between 1 and 2  i missed around 10 or 11 calls from 919888729314.. and it only actually rang about 3 or 4 of those times, the otehr times it jsut said i had a missed call.i was too scared to pick it up when it actually rang though. and then , when i tried to call it back, it said the number didnt exist (which i assumed, from the large amount of nubers) but hoensly. thats fruckigngin weird.

ive been sleeping with the light on every night since before i went to NJ . i CANT. WAIT. TO. HAVE. A. ROOMMATE.

i just can't take sleeping alone anymore :'(

i will be accepting of anyone willing to sleep with my ffrom now until FRIDAY when i LEAVE. FOR COLLEGE. YOU KNOW THAT THING.
note: i might even pay you.
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