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i've only been home since like 3:00 and already i miss school.

i guess it's because all of my friends are either still taking finals, in high school, or nick steinbrick / friends of nick steinbrick and dont want to hang out with me risking him getting mad. or whatever.

so i'm going to put up my fav pics of the semester... ill attempt cronilgaialgl order but that probs wont happen. 

me and my roommate JELENA. like..angelina except minus the "an". this is the first pic we took together on fimz' bday aw bffls

awww room 311. "where do you live Slutty Sammi?" "I live in North...the building like that?" aka nuts on sluts aka our introduction to the boys on our floor

jizzle, me, fimz, jelena. 

uh yea. on kristas bday she had mad balloons so we went around harassing people. this is brandon. hes our CA. we harass him pretty frequently. 

kristaaa in the PIMP chair. basically her roomie smells bad so she sleeps in that chair and plays the part of our third roommate. ...basicaly. 

scotty and jon doing what they always doooo (besides when theyre making love to each other)

this was the "why dont you have any pics of meeeeeeeee" picture. 

uh yea. smoothie night at rijad's apartment the night before he got kicked out of housing. jelena, petey, jizzle, krista. 

hahah im not really sure why jizzle wants to pour beer on me but ok. thats rijad in the background keeping a low profile. jelenas boyfriend...ish. 

uhhh yea so moral of the story .... beer pops are NEVER A GOOD IDEA. as much as a pop of frozen cheap beer sounds wonderful, it tastes worse than the fuckign devils asshole (idk that just doenst sound like it would taste very good either)

heres a really good fucking story. this one time it was Hookah In The Sukkah night at the me petey JOSH KANTOR tom fimz jelena and jizzle got a hookah, set it up with the tobacco they gave us, and when they werent looking ripped apart a few joints and spiked it. then mad people would come by and be liek "waht flavor is yours" "can we try it" ..etc. one of which was joe sniders roommate who swore to him that he would never try weed in his life bc its gross. hahahah OOOOOPPPSSSSS

then one horrible horrible day i came upstairs and found borris dead in his little bowl. so we had a memorial service for him in the bathroom and the tombstone that we made stayed above the toilet literally all semester. the cleaning ladies wrote us a note on the bathroom door white board that said "im sorry for your loss, we will continue to keep borris' memorial clean and cared for".
were in love with our cleaning ladies. 

this is andy. behind him is another one of our "roommates" and her name is Candy. note the hole in his pants and the wontons in his hand. hes in a frat so pretty much every night he comes into our room around 3/4 looking like this and being all YOU STOLE MY MICROWAVE YOU OWE ME NOODLES (whatever he and petey never used it anyway)

ok this is going to screw up my cronilgociaalness but whatvere.

this is fimz:

this is jizzle (between aimee and pete):

this is me and jelena dressed up as Fimz and Jizzle on Halloween:

we went into their room when fimz was gone for the weekend and jelena distracted jizzle by asking him to play frisbee in the hallway (yea he would get distracted for that...) while i ran in and stole mad clothes. TELL ME WE DONT LOOK JUST LIKE THEM OMG.

ok this one is really freaking scary though .. .. the picture of me was taken WEEKS BEFORE the picture of him. there was completly no intention of him to look like me at all, its just him being natural. now compare these two pictures:



SAME OUTFIT, LOCATION, BLACK & MILD, AND BODY LANGUAGE. come on tell me thats not really strange. 

this was the night before halloween . .. .we TP'd jizzle and fimz' room bc fimz wasnt home and jizzle obvi left his door unlocked when he went to dinner. to get us back, fimz brought feeder mice back with him and they let them loose in our room and one of them pooped on my minitab book. FUCKERs. but really the joke was on them becuase two kids on our floor decided to keep the mice as pets so FUCK YOUUUU algernon was a cuuuutiieeee

"circles" on halloween while we were still fimz and jizzle. you cant really tell but we got all the cards to fan out on the can...something that rarely happens nowadays becuase someone like aimee will get fed up with the game and knock all the cards down 

halloween weekenddddd 311 + 1 

AIMEE AND MEG. "youre pretty when i'm drunk and i'm PRETTY FUCKING DRUNK" i bet this picture was taken at like 2pm on a monday afternoon  OMG get some morals Aimee O

aimee being her drunk/confused self . .... just note the right horn on jelenas hat HAHA wtf. 

this is my most favorite thing ever...waking up at a leiseortuly time on a saturday morning (not like freakign 8:35 on fridays) and NOT having it be rainy outside...rouding up anyone whos awake and going to the DH for some delicous omlettes .. . or really  "omlettii" if you will.  oh and being complete wastes of life all day until its time to have fun at night. 

one time we straighnted kristas hair and it  took a group effort of roughly around a million hours. shes such a leroy that she didnt even own a hairbrush, only a pick. AHAHhahaha. 

311 + 1 lets order wingssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ok fine. 

same night. AHAHAHHAHAhh soooo megan stole this playboy from this kids house "for the articles on girls next door" . i want to frame this picture and keep it above my bed for the rest of my life. 

this is an example of a face where you can straight up tell jay is drunk. ... when she starts to look like an old asian man instead of a young croatian chica. 

or, the otehr extreme, wayy happyytouchy. 

here's another 311 + 1 picture with the mysterious elderly asian man in the middle . . . ... 

hahahahahah uhhh . . . basically. . .. thats jelenas actual jacket and hoop earriings . for some reason we decided to have a gangsta night in our room. that would be meg krista me shaina and rijad, and candy over in hte background doin her thang. 

p.s.  rijad put this as his facebook picture HAAH what a tool. "babygurl don't mean to be ruuuude i just wanna take you out show you what i'm about, take you out in my pickup truck baby youre bound to get stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck im a little bit country i like to play ball thats why they got my jersey retired on the connecticut you're likely to see a deer (WTF)"

the xmas tree we stole from the dining hall aww

on saturday to procrastinate studying for histroy... we made these "slob on my knob" candy canes and taped them to peoples' doorknobs. slob on my knob like corn on the cob...check in with me, and do your job. lay in the bed, and give me head. squeeze on my nuts AND LICK MY BUTT <33 russ lib <33 aww.(... first find a mate, second find a place, third find a bag to put ON THE HO'S FACE.)

that's basically first semester in a nutshell. give or take a few trips to keene, this_is_techno, slobbin on simmons knob for some good grades (so basically if i dont keep tappin that ass you aint gonna let me pass?), BFG totally crushin on scotty2hotty, BestFriend, "Greg" aka Steve the kid that lives a floor below us but only appears when were drunk, trilliions of chesire kids, Bitchfield Hall aka our pleasant nextdoorneighbor KATEEEEE, convincing brandon to take us to big y, PUTNAMMMMMM, flava flaaaav, wings / dp dough/ sgt pepperoni's / store 24 / db mart blowing major ass, the water having too much flouride in it and everyone getting rashes on their arms, PUSHIN MAD WEIGHT, our CA never suspecting anything becuase we talk about it all the time, fucking PEBB'D, black & milds, LEROOOYYYY's, "WHAT ARE THE ODDS", coming back from class and having raunchy weirdass things in my away message/profile, but most of all, the look on our friends faces when we trick them into clicking onto :'( 

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