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yea everyones watching the hills, hence why i'm updating this mother.

i have $1.95 in my checking account after buying my brothers' bday presents, (which i couldnt even afford the $4 each to send them so i only mailed jarret's....) and i thought i was getting a paycheck last week but i guess i have to wait until this thurs... suckss.

i have a 6pg paper about the lamest thing EVER due on wednesday, as well as a midterm that i am ridiculously unprepared for...  i had classes and psych experiments straight from 10-5 today, got back to my room and passed the FUCK OUT until 8:11 omg. missed dinner so we went to the grab&go, and then got peer pressured into watching i love new york... so where do i start? do i attempt to study a bit tonight and do the essay tomorrow, or just do the whole essay tonight and no studying and then fuck myself tomorrow?

Poll #xxxx essay or study?
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do my essay, or study for midterm?

stay on lj and facebook all night
go to the russlib and bang 'em both out

on a scale of one to awesome...


ok but seriously, jelena is the HOTTEST CROATIAN SENSATION I KNOW and i just can't help myself when she's in her pink robe and purple backpack singing whitney houston songs oOoOOoh bbaby babyyyy ..basically what youre sayin is, Judy Tan / Daniel Simmons... if i dont keep tappin that ass then you aint gonna let me pass? needless to say i passed with flyin colors...
disclaimer: she wanted to feel like an LJ celebrity.

also i have work tomorrow from noon-2, and then again from 9:30 to close (around midnight, maybe 12:30ish).. in the words of dave goldstein, "FAACKKK"

dude my family's going to florida tomorrow so while i'm hating myself walking uphill (both ways somehow) thorugh the mofucking snow and 1000000 mph winds, theyll be chilaxin in miami / west palm beach / ft lauderdale omg must be niceeeee.... 

.. nick came down from thurs- sunday and it was really good. really really good. he got me a pinata "el dorado the llamacorn" for vday and we smashed the shit out of it on sat night ahah good times. honeslty i'm glad he doesnt go here, because as much as i like seeing him, i would much rather miss him than be sick of him. 

endnote: HAS ANYONE SEEN RICH GOLDSTEIN'S FACEBOOK AND/OR MYSPACE PIC omg how freaking lame.  look PRETTY FAMILIAR if you as me. what. a. slut. get your own life and um stop manipulating the poooor mac's into keeping your job for getting paid to fuck danny in the storage room AHH

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