AW (bunkoapple) wrote,

i dont know i'm just like not in a good mood.

i kinda cant wait until break becuase i'm just so sick of midterms and not having my car and wearing the same 3 shirts every day  and shitty food and studying and homework and reading and procrastinating and public bathrooms agh;. 

Have you Ever...

Gone swimming in a white T-shirt:
been tickled so hard you couldn't talk: YES i hate being tickled

Liked someone but never told them:
lol if thats what you consider it then sure..
went camping:
in like 3rd grade with mike celano
had a crush on your brother's friend: ahah no thanks

walk in the rain without an umbrella:
told a joke that NObody thought was funny:
ahah story of my life
been in a talent show:
started laughing at someone's bedtime: i mean maybe

worn somthing your mom didn't appove of:
its more like my mom tries to get me to wear things that i don't approve of
been to a nude beach:
drank jack daniels:
been called a slut for kissing someone: not as far as i know?

burnt yourself with a curling iron/straightner: lol yea

wanted to be a police officer:
not so much
dumped someone:
been hit on by someone too old: frequently, at work
wanted to be a model:
bought lottery tickets:
yeaaa the day after my 18th birthdya. i didnt win.
made out in a car:
cried during a movie:
lol whatever ok.
wanted something you couldn't have: like warm weather? YES
had sex on the beach:
yelled at your pet: aha yea hes annoying. BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY OLLIE
bought a thong when the casheir was a guy:
yeah ..?
tried to strip when drunk:
... maybe tried to take off a zippy? does that count?
had a stalker: you mean been a stalker? yesssss
played a prank on somone that had them really scared:
aahaha yes.
been embarassed by one of your family:
theyre like weird but idk i dont really get embarassed.
felt bad about eating meat:
been to an island: long island! oh and hawaii
been in love: yes
ate just because you were bored:
all the time.
looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said "aww": ahhah yes

Screamed in a library:
Made out with a stranger:
Been Dumped: no

Wished a part of you was different: yea. but whatever

asked a guy to dance:
lol no
been asked out by a really hot guy:
depends what you consider really hot.
laughed so hard you cried:
oh yes.
went up to a complete stranger and started talking:
thats pretty much how i know all of my UCONN friends
been sunburned: & sunpoisened

kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert:
lol no.
threw up in school:
one time in like 2nd grade
recieved an anonymous love letter: yea... but i saw kristas roommate place it on my bed lol

had to wear something you hated:
not really.
been to a luau:
saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass:
once or twice.
cursed in front of your parents:
been in a commerical on tv:
watched a movie that made you miss your ex:
mm yea
been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk: yeah but the only person i used to walk with was jen so.... that solves that one ahah.
went to a party where you were the ony sober one:
usually that would mean that i'm driving and in that case i leave and come back when they call me to get picked up becuase boringggg
went on a diet:
ahah no. it would probably help my EXTREME WEIGHT GAINING PROBLEM but like honeslty fuck that
cheated on your bf: nope

been cheated on:
not as far as i know?
tanned topless: um no.

been attacked by seagulls:
i attack them.
been searched in an airport:
ahah yes. my underwear had this like metal charm on it i guess and it was making the buzzer go off.... reallyyyyyyyyy awkawrd.
been on a plane:
not in a while
been pants-ed: fucking like twice a week. i guess that would be a sign to stop being such a scrub and wear jeans every once in a while but whatever.

thown a shoe at someone: "...who throws a shoe??!?!!? i mean HONESTLY!...."

broke someone's heart:
yea but i fixed it.
sung in the shower:
its kinda weird at school but... i do it anyway :)
bought something way too expensive:
AHHAHHAHAA oh god that was funny.
done something really stupid that you still laugh about: lol yea.

been walked in on when you were dressing:
a certain roommate likes to open the door while i'm dressing and show me things that people have written on the white board... . yea thanks jelena.
been kicked out of the mall: me nick allison and foito got kicked out of like macys or something once....& this other time icame ridiculously close  when hannah and i put our hoods up....shyyyt
been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back:
yea : /
been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one:
fuckign yes. mr b... ugh.
done something stupid when you were drunk:
lol whatever
fell off your roof:
not so much.
had a deer jump in front of your car: my mom did... totalled that shit. .
threated someone witha water gun: ahahah can you say... spring convention '06? keepin a looooooow profile... being suUUUuch a renegade... DONT SAY NOTHIN TO NOONE!

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