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all you need.

'whatevaa it's summa' '07: the noun

hb, nick, bert, anyone with the last name 'mcpadden', paul, dave, ben, tj, jelena, jenvav, schlaeg, kyle, easter/derrick/joe (all one person, of course), new stop and shop guy <3, my fam.

monroe, my backyard, nick's tyvek-y house, mr. macs', stop & shop, milford, six flags, nycccc, walnut "nutmeg" beach, tj's backyard, drivethru dunkin, monroe/newtown diner, hb's house, branford, cafe atlantique aka THE coffee shop, clinton, dirrrty devon, easton, cone zone, newtown deli AND catering, fruuncos, sal's of course, bumblefuck (aka the newtown area around where i live), stepney.

mocha chip gelato, the mark tom and travis show, 'free yourselves from this madness' overpass, new cellphone, modest mouse, sacajawea coins, my car, mozz, the 'MostFavoriteGomes/ LeastFavoriteGomes' game,  sgt. pepper'
s lonely hearts club band, the eagles greatest hits, my bed, toasted almost iced coffee, always smelling like french fries, tom petty's greatest hits, my bosses, scandals involving my bosses, e. von dahl killed the locals (and a very few songs from the matches' new cd), bounce that toooo deep, abbey road, definitely not fucking bug bites, queen's greatest hits of course, six flags season pass, the weekenders, mad headbands, summer movies; knocked up, pirates, chuck and larry, silver surfer, FUCK 1408..  the beatles [white album], getting lost, fucking laughing... all the way to hell, my crackpipe that is nowhere near as cool or expensive as travis, the facebook message thread i've had going with 'sloppy six' for about 2 months now (yea it's really long), forgetting to use my camera at all.

people, places, things.

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